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Grief & Loss


Grief & Loss

Experiencing fertility issues, birth trauma, or pregnancy loss can bring about profound feelings of anxiety and depression, accompanied by intense grief. Experiencing reproductive loss and trauma can be incredibly challenging, affecting individuals and couples who face infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, complicated pregnancies, deliveries, or abortion.

Grief and loss from miscarriage, stillbirth, and pregnancy loss can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming. Your friends and family may not fully understand the emotional challenges you're facing, and they might hesitate to ask about it for fear of upsetting you or giving unsolicited advice.


During this difficult time, you deserve support and understanding, which can make a meaningful difference. Seeking therapy can be a valuable step toward healing and recovery.

During our therapy sessions, we explore the various ways that pregnancy loss impacts your life, including its effects on relationships, identity, and self. I believe in offering a non-judgmental and empathetic space, where you can freely express your feelings and experiences.

My ultimate goal is to help you find meaning and healing through the grieving process. I am here to support and guide you as you navigate the ups and downs of grief, offering coping strategies and self-care practices to aid in your healing journey.

If you're ready to take the next step toward healing and recovery, let's connect for a free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.  Click here to schedule a consultation call.

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